All About Hope

The Time Capsule of Hope is a community-based event intended to inspire hope across generations. 2020 has been a challenging year for our world, nation, state and community. Covid-19 has fundamentality shifted how we live, connect and learn; disparity and inequity remain an issue for our community and future; the Derecho changed our urban landscape through the destruction of the urban canopy. Through it all, hope remains in our community and this event is meant to highlight the hopes that our citizens have for the future.

On Saturday, October 17, 2020, City staff and community members gathered to kickoff the start of the Time Capsule of Hope by the planting of a tree as the beginning of reforestation in our community following the Derecho and to signify the first step of hope for the future.

The community is asked to submit their hopes in the variety of ways available throughout the fall (click let's get started below). Those hopes will be archived by the Davenport Public Library and placed into a Time Capsule which will be “planted” in the spring. The capsule is intended to be opened in 2036, when Davenport celebrates its 200th Birthday.

Please join The City of Davenport in partnership with Davenport Community Schools in Planting HOPE in our community.

Download coloring/fill-in pages for the HOPE project below

2020 Time Capsule of Hope Coloring Page

2020 Time Capsule of Hope Fill-in Page

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